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Looking for a Private Las Vegas Personal Training Gym?

Plus Ultra Fitness: Private Personal Training Studio

Let’s face it, folks: The reality of today is the Coronavirus isn’t going away any time soon. Covid-19 has turned many of our lives upside down.

No matter what your opinion is on the subject, we can all agree staying healthy is of vital importance.

In terms of exercise, people across America aren’t feeling as comfortable working out in crowded gyms like they used to. They just don’t want to “risk it” by being around so many gym members at once.

Ever since I opened my studio, Plus Ultra Fitness, clients have repeatedly told me how glad they were to find it online. Why? Because my studio is a private personal training facility catered to clients only. It is not a regular membership gym. This means you (the client) don’t have to worry about being surrounded by large crowds, or people not following the rules and protocols of the facility.

As the owner of Plus Ultra Fitness, I have no problem letting clients know I am vaccinated. In addition, I received a booster shot in December of 2021. This is not about politics. I simply wanted to do what I felt was best for myself, and my own client’s well-being.

If you’re looking for a private gym/ facility to workout in Las Vegas, and need a personal trainer, contact me today. 

I wish everyone the very best in health for 2022 and beyond.


Chase Oliver

Owner, Plus Ultra Fitness LLC

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