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Men Over 40: You Ain’t A Spring Chicken Anymore

“I can still work out the same way I did thirty years ago! I don’t need help!! Even though I’m in tons of pain every day!!” – Man in his 60s

“Why is this exercise more difficult than it used to be when I was in my 20s??” – Man in his 50s

“Damn! My shoulder hurts every time I lift weights. Oh well. Guess I’ll keep bench pressing!! No pain, no gain!!!” – Every man to ever step foot in a gym

These thoughts and comments are customary in the world of fitness. Especially from men of a certain age (40 and above).

On that note…

If you’re a male over the age of 40, please answer the following questions:

Are you an athlete or former athlete? 

Have you been weight training, running, or working out in general off and on for years/decades?

Have you ever experienced an injury and/or felt pains n’ aches from working out as you’ve gotten older?

If you answered “yes,” to these questions, I’m going to ask you to keep an open mind to what I’m about to say next.

Are you ready?

Here goes….

You are NOT a spring chicken anymore. Therefore you MUST learn to adapt your workout regimen according to your age, injury history, and CURRENT physical capabilities!

That was only slightly harsh.

Take it from me, fellas. Even at the age of 35 (as of the date of this blog), it’s imperative for me to (as mentioned above) adapt my workout regimen based on my age, injury history, and current physical capabilities. By doing this, I can better ensure my ability to continue doing what I love: exercise!

(By the way. Guys my age and younger could use that advice too!)

Let’s say you’re a gentleman over the age of 50. You’ve been a lifelong athlete for over 30 years. In your younger days, you could probably play pick-up basketball, lift weights, and hike on a weekly basis. Throw in some partying, working on your car, and performing crazy moves in between the sheets. You could do all these things while needing little to no rest back then! The mere thought of ever feeling pain would’ve made you laugh!

Fast forward 30+ years later. Things have changed. Drastically. Sh*t hurts all the time. Despite this truth, a ton of you probably still attempt at least half the things you did when you were younger to this very day!

While we’re on it, why does “sh*t hurt all the time,” any way?

Think about it. 

Back when you were young, you likely didn’t prioritize rest and recuperation methods. This includes lacking sleep, excluding stretching techniques, or ever getting sports massages. It’s even less likely you focused on properly rehabbing an injury sustained anywhere from a few years ago, to many years ago. Not to mention putting tons of wear n’ tear on your body from an overabundance of physical activity in general.

No wonder after all these years your body is giving you the proverbial middle finger!

Here’s the reality, guys. Time stands still for no one. However! That does not mean you can’t maintain a strong and healthy body as you get older. It does mean you need to be smarter about the way you workout, and go about living an active lifestyle in general.

If this means swallowing your pride, and hiring a personal trainer (be it short term or long term) to ensure you can workout free of pain, then do so! If this means you need to start incorporating therapeutic techniques like stretching, foam rolling, massages, etc, make it happen! 

There’s no reason you can’t still be a stud at your age! Adaptation is the name of the game, gentlemen!

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